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BimaCred is a digital insurance platform powered by Insurpass Technologies Limited that is committed to providing easy access to quality insurance products to the emerging customers in Nigeria. BimaCred or Insurpass Technologies Limited is not an insurance company, but serves as an intermediary for leading insurance companies in Nigeria. Insurance plans provided on the BimaCred platform is underwritten by AXA Mansard Insurance PLC.

Insurance Plans

BimaCred provides micro-health and macro-health insurance plans. Our micro-health insurance plans (Malaria Care Plan and Malaria Care Plus Plan) are focused on malaria and other related diseases that provides customers with access to malaria tests and treatment once every month among other amazing benefits which include hospital cash reimbursement, life insurance benefit, etc

There is only a 4 days waiting period after your first payment before you start using the healthcare services on your malaria insurance plan

You can sign in to your dashboard and go to the pharmacy section of the dashboard to select a pharmacy closest to your location once you have successfully purchased a health insurance plan. You will be sent an SMS/email of the details of the pharmacy you have selected so that you can visit that particular pharmacy to get treated anytime you feel sick or start showing any malaria-related symptoms.

Currently we have well over 2000 partner pharmacies and clinics within our network, which are all top-rated pharmacy/clinics brands that guarantees the best of healthcare service delivery. Note; if you purchase any of the Malaria Care Plan or Malaria Care Plus Plan, you will only have access to visit a pharmacy to get treated for Malaria. However, the Easycare Plan gives you access to visit any of our hospitals which you will select for healthcare service.

Our payment plan is very flexible, and you can choose either a monthly, quarterly or annual payment plan when you sign up for any of our insurance plans. Note: there is a recurrent payment mandate when you choose the monthly or quarterly payment plan.

The malaria insurance plan has just 1 year insurance policy plan.

You will get access to visit any of our pharmacies to receive (malaria test and treatment) once every month, which means you get access 12 times in a year.

To buy any of the malaria insurance plan for your family members, just select add the full name of the family member you want to buy any of the health insurance plan once you get to the “ADD BENEFICIARIES” page during the subscription process. Note: a beneficiary is the family member you want to buy any of the health insurance plan for. You can only add up to of a maximum 3 beneficiaries, and for every beneficiary you add to your plan, you will get a price discount. Refer to the product page on the website to see the price and discount details.

Yes ofcourse, you get amazing discounts each time you add a beneficiary to your plan.

A beneficiary is a your family member (spouse or child) which you intend to buy a health insurance plan for.

Your next-of-kin details is important because that is the details of the person we are going to pay a life insurance benefit (funeral expense cover) to in an event of a customer’s death.

Our partner pharmacist will give you some pain relief drugs and advise you to proceed to seek further healthcare service; has the policy benefit of the Malaria Care Plan only covers test and treatment for Malaria. Note: if you visit a pharmacy and test negative, this will be regarded as a valid monthly pharmacy visit.

You will be advised to go test for and treat other illnesses excluding malaria which you may be suffering from.

Although we hate to see you go, which is why we pride ourselves to provide you with the top-rated service delivery, but you can always cancel your subscription by contacting us via email at

Easy Care Plan

Easy Care has a maximum entry age of 60 years with no limit to minimum entry age. Premium payments can be made either yearly or half-yearly and the coverage is limited to Nigeria only.

No, you will not be required to undergo any medical test. However, you will only be required to fill a non-medical questionnaire.

If you discontinue your premium payments, then policy will lapse and your access to healthcare service will cease.

When a policy lapses, cover will be terminated unless you renewal your plan.

Corporate Care Plan

You will access to our pharmacy list which you can select the pharmacy outlet closet to you at which you will receive healthcare service when needed.

A payment invoice will be sent to you via email once you provide us with all the details of the employees you want to purchase for. Our payment plan is very flexible, and you can choose either a monthly, quarterly or annual payment plan when you sign up for the Corporate Care insurance plan.

The Corporate Care insurance plan is a 1 year insurance policy

You will get access to the healthcare services (test and treatment) once every month, which means you get access 12 times in a year

To buy the Corporate Care Insurance plan for your employee’s family members as a group, just select the group option when any of our sales agent calls you. Note: you can only buy for up to 4 person family, i.e the employee and three other family members

General Questions

Yes! Please call us on 07018365644 or email us at and we will be glad to help