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EasyCare Plan

A comprehensive health insurance plan designed to meet all your healthcare needs. Don’t let the cost of hospital visits stop you from accessing healthcare. Buy the EasyCare plan to access quality healthcare at over 1000 hospitals nationwide

About EasyCare Plan

The Easycare plan covers your hospital visits, prescribed drugs, surgeries and much more. No other health insurance plan covers you and your family better than the EasyCare plan giving you quality healthcare services from over 1000 healthcare providers

Features of this Plan

ImmediateCovered(General Ward)


  • a. Radiological services: Plain X-rays of the limbs, spine, abdomen, pelvis, chest, skull, Contrast studies, Ultrasound scan
  • b. Laboratory services: Histopathology Hematological investigations, Microbiological investigations, Serology, Clinical chemistry
  • c. Physiotherapy: Provision of prescribed physiotherapeutic appliances e.g. soft and hard cervical collar, crutches and physiotherapy sessions (up to approved limits

6 monthsLimited to ₦100,000

  • Wound dressing, Suturing of minor cuts and lacerations, incision and drainage of abscesses, Minor ENT (Ear, Nose Throat) procedures like ear syringing
  • Minor wound debridement, Lump excision, Hernia repairs, Appendectomy, Closed reduction and manipulation of simple fractures and dislocations, surgery for hemorrhoids, Endoscopy, ENT procedures like Antral washouts, Tonsillectomy, Surgery for ectopic pregnancy, Myomectomy, Elective Orthopedic Surgery.
  • General surgeries like Laparotomy, Gynecological surgeries like Hysterectomy, ENT surgeries like Adenotonsillectomy.
  • Other complex surgeries such as Thyroidectomy, Open reduction and internal fixation of fractures, Brain surgeries, Vascular and nerve surgeries and Transplant surgeries

12 monthsLimited to ₦10,000


ImmediateUpto 8 weeks

Counselling, Outpatient consultation and treatment.


Health Check: physical examination, blood pressure.


You receive health care at the designated hospital to chose during registration

Chronic ailments are not covered


Maternity is excluded for a period of 12 months

Complex & Advanced investigations

All benefits not stated on the plan

  • Premium or Individual per annum: ₦20,000
  • Premium or Individual per biannnual: ₦12,000

How the EasyCare Plan works


Sign up for the EasyCare plan online

Need to make claims?

Call or text our 24hours claims call center 09059157821 to report a claim on your EasyCare plan

Visit your selected Hospital

You receive health care at the designated hospital you chose during registration