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Corporate Care Plan

Switch over to Nigeria's most affordable health insurance plan for small business owners and their employees.

About Corporate Care Plan

The Corporate Care plan is a health insurance plan designed for SME owners who want to provide healthcare insurance to their employees without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Corporate Care Plan

Malaria test and drugs

Get quality malaria test and drugs at any of our designated pharmacies closest to you once you feel sick

Continuous Treatment

You get to access malaria test and drugs at any of our pharmacies once every month; 12 times in a year

Hospital Cash Reimbursement

You get a hospital bill reimbursement capped at #20,00 when admitted to any hospital for 2 nights or more for any illness. This covers typhoid, lassa fever, and other illnesses

Funeral Expense Benefit

You get ₦100,000 funeral expense cover paid to your beneficiary in the event of death from any source (suicide is exempted however)

Other benefits

  • Regular blood pressure checks
  • Rewards and gifts for healthy living

Diabetes screening

Chat with health professionals on your phone

Our Corporate Care plan costs only ₦600 per month per employee. Payment can be made monthly, quarterly or annually

How the Corporate Care Plan works


Sign up for the corporate care plan online

Feeling sick?

Log on to your dashboard, select a pharmacy and search for a pharmacy closest to you - using the Request Pharmacy Access button.

Visit Pharmacy/Clinic

Visit any of our 1000+ pharmacies closest to you

Get Tested

Pharmacist conducts malaria test using RDT or UMT Kit or Blood test (usually takes 15 mins or less)

Get Drugs

If positive, pharmacist dispenses quality malaria drugs. If negative, pharmacist dispenses pain relief drugs and advises you to

Get Well

Use the drugs and feel better right away

Get Hospital Cash Reimbursement

After been discharged from the Hospital, kindly send proof of hospitalization details to:

Get Funeral Expense Benefit

The complete customer's beneficiary details should be sent to the following email address:

Top Companies that use our corporate plan

Our Corporate Care plan costs only ₦600 per month per employee.

Happy Companies

What you need to know about the Corporate Care Plan

  • Initial 4 - days waiting period applies after the first payment: and at the expiration of the waiting period, you can start enjoying health care services at any of our designated pharmacies
  • We will process your insurance policy in less than 5 minutes, after which you will receive your unique policy number via email